Thursday, April 30, 2015


The room was silent except for the sound of the tapping of keyboards. Rahul was sitting at his writing desk and emailing a client. Preethi was sitting on her bed, trying to finish an article, due to be submitted tomorrow. She finished it and shut her laptop. She looked up and saw that Rahul was still working. She sighed. Both of them had very demanding jobs and this was a common scene in their house everyday.

"What happened to us Rahul?" Preethi suddenly asked. Rahul lifted his head and looked at her, confused. "Remember when we were dating, we were such travel junkies. Every weekend we would take off to some or the other place. It was so much fun and it seemed like we had all he time in the world. But now, we just go to office, work, come home, work some more and go to sleep. There is no spark left. We are turning into those old, boring married couples with nothing to look forward to" Preethi said, morosely. "Well, what do you want to do then?" Rahul asked. "Lets go someplace for a few days, do some adventure, walk on the beach, soak in the rain, do anything but this" she said pointing to the laptop.

Rahul thought for a moment and suddenly started smiling. "You remember we had planned to go on a  road trip to Rajasthan but had cancelled in the last minute? Are you still interested?" he asked. "Yes, but how? We may require at least 2 weeks of leave" Preethi said thoughtfully. "This is what is wrong with us. We have given priority to work for a long time. Now lets prioritize and live for our selves for a few days. Come on Preethi just say yes" Rahul pleaded. "When do I start packing then?" Preethi asked and smiled at him.


  1. So off they go...and more stories could be added...:)

  2. Changing times check this out :)

  3. I want this life!! :/ To be able to just pack up and leave :(

  4. Hello Changing times..hope you are doing well...look I found this..hence thought of you...check it out...
    Do let me know if you write a story...:) good luck

    1. Thank you for sharing Soumya:) It looks interesting an dI have registered as well. I will let you know if I write a story :)

  5. Once in a while we should get out and take a break.
    Liked your idea of the tapping sounds of the keyboards.

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