Monday, April 6, 2015


The rice was charred and the vegetables were overcooked. The kitchen was a mess and Nisha sat in a corner with a dejected look. Rohan, her husband entered the kitchen and looked around. As soon as Nisha saw him, she broke down.  Rohan went and sat near her. “Oh Rohan, I am so sorry. I am such an idiot. I shouldn't have offered to cook today. Your parents would be here any minute and I don’t have anything to serve them” Nisha said through sobs.

“Please don’t cry Nisha, mistakes happen” Rohan said lovingly. “Mistake? This is a bloody fiasco Rohan. What do we do now?” she asked. Just then Rohan’s parents arrived and her mother in law entered the kitchen. “What is this Nisha? What happened?” she asked, concerned. “Mom I am so sorry. I have messed up everything. I am an amateur cook but as you were coming to our house for the first time, I had thought I would prepare lunch with my own hands but everything went horribly wrong” Nisha said. Her mother in law chuckled and beckoned Nisha to come near her.

“It’s OK love. At least you thought about making our visit special. That is enough for us. We know that our daughter in law loves us. What else do we need? Now who’s up for some pizzas and my home made pudding?” she asked with a smile. Nisha felt a sense of relief and gratitude pass through her and she hugged her mother in law.


  1. Wow, attitudes can avoid lives becoming Fiascos...:)