Tuesday, April 28, 2015


"Remind me again Jane, why did we choose India as our holiday destination?" Rosie asked irritably, roaming around the streets of Jaipur. "Well it is a beautiful country. The people here are so friendly and there is so much of history to discover" Jane said excitedly. "Friendly people? Come on Jane, have you forgotten the taxi driver who swindled us at the airport?" Rosie asked, aghast. "Yes I remember. But every country has its fair share of people like that." "Well argue whatever you want Jane, but I will never come to love this country" Rosie said dismissively. Just then they heard someone calling out to them. "Madam, Madam!" a boy was shouting and came running to them. He had Rosie's bag in his hand. "You forgot at shop" he said in a broken English.

 Rosie immediately grabbed the bag and checked its contents and was relieved to find that everything was intact. She thanked the boy profusely and offered him some money. But he refused and went running back to his shop."You know what, this country is not so bad after all" Rosie said and smiled at her friend. "Well I am glad to hear that. I wonder what changed" Jane said and both of them laughed.

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