Thursday, September 15, 2016

Reliving the memories

Today I want to share some pics which are there in my mobile. They always bring a smile on my face. Whenever I feel sad or dejected, I scroll through the gallery in my phone. They always bring back this feeling of sweet nostalgia. They remind me of the happy times I have spent with my family and friends and immediately relaxes me :)

This is our Golden retriever enjoying in a lake. That day was especially hot and he got a chance to cool off in the water. This pic always brings a smile on my face:)
This pic was taken from our car window. It was raining and the sun was peaking out from the clouds. It looked surreal to me. It was taken from my mobile and the picture quality is not that great, but I love this pic.
This is Thannir Baavi beach in Mangalore. I love beaches. There was no crowd on the beach that day and it was so peaceful. Sunsets on the beaches are the best!
One more pic of our dog sleeping on my Mom’s lap. He sure is the baby of the house :)

These earrings are the first anniversary gift from my husband. Aren't they cute? :)