Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Intervention

The person you have called is busy. Please try again later. Riya sighed and placed her mobile in her bag. She knew that Aanya will not call back. This had become a habit with Aanya. Right from the day she joined her new office, Aanya had become a complete workaholic. Riya and Aanya were best friends right from their school days. But now, she hardly spoke to Riya on the phone, let alone meeting her.  But today Riya was not going to leave her alone.

In the evening she reached home and quickly dressed up and landed at her door step. She rang the bell and Aanya opened the door. “Riya! What a surprise. Sorry I was meaning to call you but got stuck in a meeting.  By the way you are looking gorgeous. Come on in” Aanya said. “Aanya I have come here for an intervention. Look at you; you have turned into a complete workaholic. This is not the Aanya I knew. You have made work your whole life. When was the last time you went out to watch a movie or to party?” Riya quizzed her.

“Err..I was just busy. You know how it is in the corporate sector. I was...” . “Oh stop it Aanya. I don’t want to hear your stupid reasons now. Just get ready quickly. I have made reservations at a pub. Let’s paint the town red today, just like the old times” Riya said with a mischievous smile. Aanya smiled and hugged Riya.

(This post is written in response to Wordy Wednesday prompt on Blog-A-Rhythm. Today's prompt is "Let's paint the town red!")