Monday, April 27, 2015


Her face looked familiar to Ishaan. But no matter how much he raked his memory he just couldn't remember her. She was talking animatedly with her friend. She is beautiful he thought. She lifted her hand and ran it through her hair. Ishaan's eyes fell on a big mole on her elbow and suddenly all the memories came back to him like an avalanche. He remembered the plump little girl wearing glasses and a runny nose. He remembered the time they used to run around in the field, plucking raw mangoes from the tree and eating with salt. She was his first friend in that unknown town where his father had been transferred. They were inseparable back then. He still remembered vividly, his last day in that town and they both had cried so much. They had promised to keep in touch, but somehow life happened and they had moved on. Chashmish! Ishaan thought. That is what he used to call her.

Ishaan walked towards her and said "Hey chashmish, remember me?" he said. She looked at him inquisitively and suddenly a sense of realization dawned on her and her lips slowly curved into a smile. "Ishaan! Oh my God" Meghna exclaimed and hugged him. "What are you doing here in this party?" she asked in disbelief. "Well, you may call it serendipity" he said and grinned at her.

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