Monday, April 20, 2015


The big box slipped from Seema'a hand and fell on the floor, immediately raising a small cloud of dust. Seema sneezed a couple of times as a result of that and cursed under her breath. Why did I choose this day to clean the attic? she thought irritably. She got down from the stool and began checking the items in the box. There were some old photo frames, candle stands,some steel utensils, some ugly vases, apparently gifted on some occasion she thought.

Suddenly her hand found something soft at the bottom of the box. She pulled it out and saw that it was an old quilt. Suddenly she was transported to the time when she was a kid. She remembered those nimble hands stitching the quilt and those deep, kind eyes which always looked at her so lovingly. "Ajji *, what are you doing?" she had asked. "I am stitching a quilt for you Ammu". "But why?". "To keep you warm in winters" her grandmother had told."This quilt will always remind you of me when I am gone". Seema's eyes brimmed with tears as she remembered her. She smelt the quilt and caressed her cheek with it. I will never forget you Ajji she said softly.

(*Ajji-Grandmother in Kannada)


  1. What a nostalgic story this is for me... I am visiting my hometown for my Ajji's 1st year passing away ceremony...this story again has brought out sweetest of quieted memories for me... Thanq Changing Times..:)

    1. Glad my post made you walk down the memory lane :)

  2. Aw, how sweet. I bet she starts to use that quilt again.

  3. The love of grandparents for their grand children is the epitome of selfless, unconditional love. :)
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*