Monday, April 20, 2015


The hostel mess was already crowded. Nita jostled past the chaos, trying hard not to drop her plate and luckily found a vacant chair to sit. She settled down and looked at her food plate. It consisted of 2 dry chapathis, watery dal and a curry made of an unidentifiable vegetable. The sight of it made her stomach queasy. She longed for home made food, but knew that she will not be able to get it till the semester holidays. 

She took one bite of that chapathi and frowned. "Do you want some chutney to go with it?" asked a small voice from her left. Nita looked at her, confused. "Hi I am Pavni. My room is next to yours." she said."Oh Hi, sorry I have seen you but did not remember. I would love to have that chutney" Nita said and smiled. Pavni served her a spoonful. Nita saw that it was mango chutney, her favorite. She spread it on her chapathi and ate it hungrily. The taste of it immediately made her nostalgic. It reminded her of the summer holidays spent lazing around the house and eating chapathi with that heavenly mango chutney prepared by her mother. She looked at Pavni and knew that she at last found a friend in that strange place called a hostel and they bonded over a spoonful of Mango chutney.