Thursday, December 11, 2014

The fire within

I had a fire inside me
A fire to do something, to change the world
I walked undeterred on my own path
I was fearless and free
I had dreams to fly high and touch the sky

But the inevitable happened
I was bound by shackles of the society
My wings were clipped and I dropped to the ground
I dropped so hard, I couldn't rise
The fire died inside and I was reduced to ash

I was lying there lifeless, in what felt like an eternity
I was on the brink and succumbed to my fate
Just then I saw a bright light
It engulfed me with its aura
It gave me hope
A hope of a better place
Where the sun shone bright and peace prevailed
Where the chirp of the birds are heard instead of gun shots

That hope helped me get back on my feet
That hope re-kindled the fire inside me.
I found the strength in my feet return and my heart got its courage back
I slowly walked towards the light, towards a better future and better life

-This poem of mine is dedicated to the courageous Malala Yousafzai. I salute her strength and determination.