Thursday, December 4, 2014

The blind date

“Arjun is a great guy. He is adventurous and fun-loving. He is perfect for you. Please meet him once Preeti. I am sure you will not be disappointed” pleaded Ragini. “Ok ok I will meet him and please stop making that puppy face. You look stupid” said Preeti to her best friend. “Ok then I will call him and set up a meeting place and time. Oh I am so excited for you”. Preeti sighed and hoped that this meeting wouldn’t turn into a complete waste of time.

She remembered the last time Ragini had hooked her up with a colleague of hers. She had told the last time too that Raghav would be perfect for her and she had agreed. But the whole date turned out to be a disaster right from the beginning. She had waited for Raghav to turn up at the café where they were supposed to meet. He came in 20 mins late and if that were not enough, he had a complete rain forest growing on his face. She cringed at the memory.  Preeti liked men to be well groomed just like her father. She did not remember a single instance where her father had stubble growing on his face. She just hoped that this date would not turn out into a disaster.

She reached the venue fixed by Ragini and looked around. She had told that Arjun would be wearing a white shirt and sitting at a corner table. She immediately spotted him. The first thing that struck her was that he had a clean shaven face. Not a single stubble in sight. He was wearing a simple, well ironed cotton shirt on blue jeans. Suddenly she started feeling positive about the meeting. She approached him and he immediately got up from his place. “Preeti?” he asked. She simply nodded her head. He shook her hand and introduced himself. He even pulled out the chair for her. They started talking and the brief introductions led to more meaningful conversation and Preeti found herself enjoying in his company. She sent a silent prayer and hoped that this would be followed by several more dates.

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  1. Oh, now what happens?...good start :)

    1. I have actually not thought about continuing the story. But now that you ask, let me see if I can :)

  2. Thankyou for considering my words "Changing Times" :)