Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The curious case of a flabby tummy.

I really don't understand, why the size of a guy's tummy is directly proportional to number of years of marriage? Before marriage, DH was in a good shape with a flat tummy. But now his tummy size is just a few inches smaller than that of Kung fu Panda. I am tired of urging him to exercise and start dieting. Below is a snippet of conversation that we had yesterday:

8 AM:

DH is standing in front of the mirror and staring at his ever growing tummy.

DH:I have decided. Starting from today I will have only salads for dinner. Nothing will distract me from following it.
V:You say that everyday and forget about it by night.
DH:No V, this time I am serious. I will reduce at least 3KGs in a month.
V: Eye roll

2 PM:

Our conversation on the phone.
DH: Hi V, had your lunch?
V: Yes. What about you?
DH: Not yet, but we are going out. Boss is throwing a party.
V: What for?
DH: Its his birthday today.
V: Ok. Just watch what you are eating.
DH: Come on V. That miserly boss of mine is throwing a party. How can I watch what I am eating? This is a perfect opportunity to take revenge on him. I will order the most expensive item on the menu. I will skip salad also tonight to compensate.
V: ??

8 PM:

V: What is there in that packet?
DH: You wont believe what happened today
V: What?
DH: Do you remember Ramesh bhai's shop?
V: Ramesh Bhai who?
DH: Arre yaar the one who owned a small chaat stall and used to make awesome dabelis and vada pav. He had to close his shop due to some license issues. He has re-opened it again and guess what, he called out to me while I was passing his stall. He still remembered me. He said he has prepared fresh dabelis and vada pav and insisted me to taste them. I couldn't refuse him could I? After all he had recognized me. So I bought a couple of them.
V: But what about your diet?
DH: I will start from tomorrow. Pakka.
V: Sigh...


  1. Ha ha ha...just the way Kung-fu Panda laughs...ha ha ha...and that's a good style of writing...I personally like it..for its reality and lightness... Changing Times :)

    1. Thank you :) Sometimes capturing the everyday moments are enough to induce some laughs :)