Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hobby that was close to my heart

When I was in school, I had this fascination about history. I used to wonder how people lived in the bygone era, how they dressed, what did they eat, etc. My most favorite historical place till date is Hampi. The place has some kind of a vibration, which just pulls you towards it. The architecture in the temples there is just memerizing.

I was in 9th standard when I had visited Hampi and just outside the Virupaksha temple there was a shop selling antique looking trinkets. The shop was very attractive and I went and examined a few things. I bought a lotus shaped box used to store Turmeric powder and vermillion. It was just beautiful and I also bought  a small bell with a beautiful carving of Radha Krishna on top. He also had a few old coin collection which he claimed belonged to the Vijaynagara empire. I doubted if it was true but I bought them nonetheless. I was so excited with my little collection that I came home and stored all of them carefully in a box.

From then on, whenever I visited a historical place, I collected tit bits from there. At one point I even brought home some stones from a place called Aihole and Pattadakallu in Karnataka. Just by touching those stones, I would be transported to 12th or 13th century. I had an active imagination and would just dream about the people who lived in that era, the palaces and the grandeur.

Till I joined college, I had them with me and looked after them with great care. But unfortunately during the shifting of our house, the box got misplaced and I just lost it. I searched for it everywhere but in vain. I was so angry on my mother that I did not talk to her for many days.

I don't know if I can call this a hobby, but I had grown really attached to those trinkets and considered them as my best friends. I know it sounds weird but its true :)


  1. We all have some hobbies/habits from our childhood days and this post took me back to my growing up days. My brother used to collect stones, shells, matchbox and cigarette covers and what not! Those were the days! :)


    1. Good to know that my post took you down the memory lane. Yeah those were the days:) I also remember collecting chocolate wrappers, God knows why!

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  3. Hummm... interesting... we all have something in common....u just remembered... collecting feathers between books and then getting exited about that feather having grown a baby feather! Hilarious isn't it?