Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The acne woes

The only reason my mom heaved a sigh of relief when I completed 16 years on planet earth was that I did not get her kind of skin. She was and is a victim of acne or pimples. She started getting them at the age of 16 and they were so bad that when they dried, they left permanent marks on her face. 

My mother is a beautiful women. She is fair, she has very expressive eyes, beautiful, long hair and eye brows which are so well formed that she never got them threaded in her whole life and still they look so perfect! But the only regret that she has is acne. She has tried every product, every home remedy under the sun, but still no effect.

She is almost 50 years old now and still gets them but less frequently. She often jokes about it, saying that she is still a teenager.

Below are the areas where I have seen my mom getting frustrated due to acne:

1. No Chocolates :( Cannot have chocolates or anything oily. Fried mirchi pakodas are her favorite :(
2. Cosmetics: She cannot experiment with different beauty products on her face and she avoids make up like plague. Even after I tried to convince her that nowadays there are cosmetics available for her skin type as well, she just refuses to use them.
3. The break outs: They are the worse and painful too.
4. The scars: The scars after they dry out are really irritating and difficult to remove.
5. Can't kiss: I cannot pinch her cheeks or kiss her without being careful :(
6. The summer: The summer with its heat and sweating makes it worse and the place she is living in currently has the hottest summer possible.
7. People: Most of the people she meets always have a tip handy for acne, as if that is the only thing they notice in her.
8. No Facial: She avoids facial, due to the fear that it may aggravate her problem.
9. Spent money on innumerable skin doctors, ranging from homeopathy to allopathy and tried all kinds of creams prescribed by them, but to no avail.

My mother's skin tends to be oily and which is what triggers acne. I watched the Garnier active neem face wash ad on TV and found out that it contains Neem extracts, which I have heard is very effective on acne. So I thought why not buy it for my mother, as it also removes oiliness from the skin.

But the main issue was convincing my mother. I showed her the ad on TV and also talked about other benefits like removal of oil and impurities from the skin. She finally agreed to try it out. Right from the first wash, she was happy with the results. It not only removed the oiliness but also helped in keeping her skin fresh and rejuvenated. Now she is using it every day and stopped using soap on her skin. She told that she is able to see the difference gradually and hopes that she will finally get rid of acne.

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  1. hummmm....that's interesting..... counsellors in family would be hopefully counted with changing times...:)

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